A couple of lovely new client testimonials received today….

If I was in this photography game just for the money I would seriously be doing something else (ask any professional wedding photographer you know!) but the reason I specialise in documenting weddings is simply because I love what I do and can’t think of another form of photography that blends fine art, passion, adrenaline, technique and real People (with a capital “P”) in any other way.
So it’s always really lovely when my clients feel they want to give feedback that everyone can see and it always gives me a real boost to know they were 150% satisfied with the photography I delivered on perhaps the most important day of their lives and the final album.
The first testimonial is from the couple whose wedding is featured in the post below Carrie & Adam who are off this weekend on their long awaited honeymoon to the Far East leaving their album in the safe and capable hands on the their parents who will no doubt be showing it proudly around the family!………here is what they had to say on the Guides For Brides website:

Carrie & Adam on their wedding day in February 2010
Rating 5 stars
“My husband was in charge of finding a photographer that could take the style of photographs we wanted. He found David who invited us to his house to see his portfolio. I know people say you should look around at different photographers, but we knew that his style was perfect for us.

The pre-wedding shoot was a good idea and it really helped. Both of us felt nervous and neither of us really likes posing for photographs. The pre-wedding shoot allowed us to see all the bad things we did when posing for a picture. By the time the wedding came around we were relaxed and posing like the pros!

On the day of the wedding, David took some amazing photographs of us and our guests. He stayed for 8 hours which meant he even photographed our first dance (I would recommend trying to organise your day to fit this in – we did and it was worth it). Everything was relaxed and we felt very comfortable around David and his assistant. There was so much to capture at our venue, but David managed to get as much of it as possible. We spent quite a lot of money on our photographer, but we were willing to do that as we knew the photos would be one of the only things we got to keep. We love the prints we got and the album is wonderful. Everyone has seen it and loves it. It is something we are proud to show to anyone!
Wedding Venue: Kirtlington Park, Oxfordshire
Wedding Date: 13 Feb 2010 

The second review I received was from Clare & Sean Smith whose wedding I photographed on one of the snowiest days of December 2009, a couple whose wedding is up for being nominated for the 2010 Wedding of The Year in Your Berks & Bucks Wedding (see separate post)……….Clare has this to say on Hitched
Clare & Sean on their Wedding Day in Dec 2010 Ye Old Belle, Hurley
Rating: 5 stars
Heading: Fantastic Photography!
Description: From the moment we met David we knew he would be the perfect photographer for our wedding. He immediately put us at ease and we really enjoyed our pre-wedding shoot.David is a very professional and friendly guy and his style of photography was just what we were looking for. David produced absolutely breathtaking pictures of our snowy winter wedding that we’ll cherish forever. We found it very difficult to choose the photographs for the album as they were all amazing! 


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