In March 2018 I was awarded the highly regarded AMPA (Associate Master Photographer Association) photography qualification by the MPA. There are just 2 AMPA qualified photographers in Oxfordshire of which I am the only one that specialises in weddings. To work towards this qualification, photographers must be a member of the Master Photographers Association and the photographer is required to submit 20 images which are carefully judged by a judging panel. Each photograph must be perfect, and each image is scored out of 20 points meaning there are 400 points in total to achieve, to ensure a pass at Associate level the candidate needs to achieve at least 340/400. I was delighted to achieve the second highest score of all the panels and therefore was awarded my Associate. The judges commented on the unique style of the images within the panel that when viewed together formed a cohesive body of work. The commitment to producing photographs of sheer quality was obvious to every member of the judging team.

I achieved my Licentiate qualification (LMPA) in June 2016 so I had been working towards my Associate (AMPA) since then, but it really is the result of developing my wedding photography skills and style over the past 11 years. I am absolutely thrilled, there is no denying it. The Associateship of the MPA, is a very difficult qualification to achieve within the photographic profession, as it takes a great deal of time, work and dedication. After 11 years in business and shooting over 400 weddings I am over the moon to have my work recognised in this way at such a prestigious level by the foremost association for professional photographers. My weddings panel consisted of a mix of fine art classical images and documentary/reportage style images and I really believe represents my best work as a professional photographer.

Many photographers entering the Association remain at Licentiate level, so reaching the required high standards of this qualification is a massive achievement and there are just the two of us currently in Oxfordshire that have this qualification.
It is fair to say that there are hundreds of wedding photographers out there, but not only being a member of the MPA but also having my AMPA it is wonderful to raise awareness that booking a qualified professional photographer to record those precious memories in life will ensure you will get the best creative photographs and personal service possible.

Paul Cooper FMPA, Chairman of the judging comments, “David is one of the MPA’s most respected wedding photographers and consistently produces photos that capture the emotion of the big day. He has an inherent skill in being able to press the shutter release at just the right moment, and his prints exude a quality and refinement that any professional photographer would be very proud of.”

I have been fortunate to win so may awards and nominations for my wedding photography since 2008 so rather than list them all here I’ve pulled out a few highlights I’m particularly proud of:



  • WPPI (the Wedding Photography Association’s) Silver Distinction Award in 2015
  • MPA (Master Photographers Association) Wedding Day & Celebration winner for 2016
  • The UK’s Top 50 Wedding Photographers. – GoHen (2016)
  • The English Wedding Awards 2016 Wedding Photographer of the Year South East
  • The English Wedding Awards 2017 Wedding Photographer of the Year South East
  • Achieved Associate of WPPI status in 2017

David is one of the MPA’s



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