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As I drove from Oxfordshire to leafy Hampshire for the this Four Seasons Hotel wedding I passed an unusual amount of police cars and bikes hidden away in driveways etc and I wondered if I was accidentally shooting a celebrity wedding that I hadn’t realised. It turns out that the King of Bahrain HM Sheikh Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa was also staying at The Four Seasons hotel that day and the sea of very mean looking Russian security guards standing around blacked out limos when I arrived confirmed this!

Abi had chosen a couture Suzanne Neville wedding gown from her shop in London and it was absolutely gorgeous, I joked with Abi that if ever I had  ever wanted to photograph a bride that looked just like snow-white from the Disney film then it was definitely her, the organza layers on the full ball-gown skirt just seemed to float as she walked and the legendary Suzanne Neville corset that she is famous for gave Abi the most stunning silhouette. My wife is Ellie Sanderson that owns several “Neville’s” herself and sells lots in her wedding dress shops  and also knowing Suzanne personally I know a fair bit about SN gowns always love it when I see a Suzanne Neville gown hanging up when I walk into the bridal preparations as I know my job is going to be made so much easier that day.

The Four Seasons Hotel is actually in a tiny village called  Dogmersfield in Hampshire and it has the most beautiful little church where Abi & Tony tied the knot. Abi wanted shots of her coming down the stairs with her dad so I ended up doing bridal prep then going to the church to set up and then back to the hotel, always a little stressful when the bridal car is hot on your heels as you make your way back to the church. After the ceremony we went back to the beautiful walled garden at The Four Seasons which is a fantastic place for couple portraits. Abi & Tony had hired a lighting designed to light their wedding breakfast room a company called 3 Point Lighting which really added some drama to the room and it has some of most amazing flower arrangements I have ever seen with huge displays of Blue Hydrangea in tall vases.

Abi & Tony jetted off for a luxury honeymoon on safari and then at The Four Seasons in Mauritius where the staff arranged for a framed picture from their wedding that I took to be waiting in the suite when they arrived, a really lovely touch by The Four Seasons and I guess shows why they are one of the best hotels in the world.

Just as I was leaving in my car the fireworks started and I desperately wanted to capture some shots for the couple so I stopped the car and hurriedly dragged some gear out of the boot. As always when you try to do something in a hurry things don’t go to plan and my tripod got tangled so I simply got my camera out with a wide-angle lens on it and propped it up of a couple of memory card cases and used the self timer and an exposure of several seconds to catch the fireworks which turned out better than I could have hoped and included the hotel in the composition to give a sense of scale. Abi & Tony particularly love these images!

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fireworks at a four seasons wedding


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