Introducing my new best friend Drobo!

Welcome to my new best friend (if computers can ever be “best friends”!!)
As you can imagine in my line of work backing up my clients precious images several times is critically important to my business and I have always taken this very seriously (after all it is my livelihood!) but my studio is littered with many hard drives and I am always having to buy new ones as the old ones get full. Shooting everything at my weddings in RAW on a 23 million pixel Canon 5D Mk2 means huge file sizes which means lots of storage but now I have a DROBO data storage robot that sits and burbles away happily on my editing desk with 8 terabytes of capacity across 4 hard drives so I don’t expect to be filling that one quickly. Aug was the busiest time ever for me and I shot 8 weddings between 1st and 28th Aug so lots of editing for me so I can deliver to my clients within the 28 days I always promise their images will be edited and online to view. I had a minor disaster at the end of August when my trusty Dell XPS 720 desktop decided to make my life tricky by suddenly dying on me meaning I had to work on my back up laptop which is a mirror of my desktop, not a heart stopping problem but just not nearly as fast as my desktop meaning my edits took twice as long, so I was delighted to get it back from the Dell doctors with a clean bill of health. All this means I have been very lax on the Blog posts but expect a flurry of activity in the next few days as I post images from lots of my July and Aug weddings……….


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