More Wedding Award Winners for Us – SWPP Competition August 2011

Absolutely delighted again to have been awarded a Silver in the Wedding Photojournalism category and a Bronze in the Wedding  Contemporary category in the August SWPP Monthly Image International Competition. I particulary love the image of the little flower-girl clutching the pink bag of flowers running up the steps at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire last October. I had just finished the group shots and the little flower girl started bounding up the stone steps in the beautiful gardens clutching the bag like her little life depended on it, I shot into the weak late afternoon autumn light and got the lovely rim back-lighting effect I love in my photography and this was the one of the 3 frames I shot where her arms and feet were just perfect!. Shot at ISO 400 at f4 at 1/640 sec. A real autumn wedding image

I actually came home after the wedding and told my wife I had just shot an Award Winning Image (not often I say that) and thankfully I have just been proved right!!


Silver Award (Wedding Photojournalism) - SWPP International Monthly Image Competition August 2011

The Bronze Awarded slightly surreal image below was taken at Latimer Place in Buckinghamshire and a 1/5 second exposure was used whilst the camera was on a tripod stopped way down to f22 at ISO 100 whilst the Bride & Groom stood still and everyone else walked towards me.


Bronze Award (Wedding Contemporary) - SWPP Monthly Image Competition August 2011




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