My First Magazine Front Cover!

I was delighted to have one of my wedding  images from last year used for the latest February issue of Elite Magazine and their Beautiful Brides Spring supplement which is widely circulated by Bucks Free Press throughout the Buckinghamshire area and has a high AB1 female target audience. The image which is actually one of my favourites from last year was shot at Wasing Park venue in Berkshire at the beautiful wedding of Anna & Drew. I had to climb the spiral staircase near the bridal suite and shot down to get this image. The expression on the brides face doesn’t need any explanation she is just so happy having been married within the hour!!
Shooting images you feel may be suitable for magazine covers requires a little more discipline in terms of how you decide to crop “in-camera” it’s always going to be important that you leave adequate space around the image for captions, by-lines and feature titles and this image worked well in this respect as there is some negative space in a light colour of the left of the image where the editorial dept was able to put their text.


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