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Reportage Wedding Photography Image wins SWPP competition | Reportage Wedding Photograpers

Was really pleased this reportage wedding photography image from a wedding a couple of years ago scored first place in the weekly International SWPP competition subject was “Uncle Bob Wedding Photographers”. For those that don’t know “Uncle Bob’s” are members of the wedding party who are not professional photographers usually with big cameras and who shadow the main paid photographers to get the shots. They are at every wedding!!

The main problem with some “Uncle Bob’s” that pertain to be able to photograph a wedding much cheaper and as good if not better than a professional wedding photographer is that many clients have the same expectations of Uncle Bob as they do with the professional images they see in the wedding magazines. After all, anybody can be a photographer, right? And if that’s true, why not save the money and put it towards something else?

It’s true that anyone can press a shutter, but it’s a wholly different thing to have them deliver professional quality images at a wedding. Wedding photographer is considered by many to be one of the most difficult, challenging, and high-pressure photography jobs. You have to be master of multiple photography disciplines, and you have no luxury of a re-shoot if things don’t turn out.

200+ weddings down the line I can assure you paying an experienced professional photographer to capture your wedding is the only way you can guarantee to get the sort of pictures you dream of to remember your wedding by.

This image was one of the aunties getting her shots in so the sort of Uncle Bob us photographers have a very warm feeling towards…………. I love this image!!

swpp winning image



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