Bride and Groom lying on the floor at an Ashmolean wedding in Oxford

Seven Merit Awards at the SWPP 20×16 print competition

One of the highlights at the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) International photography convention, held at the Hilton Metropole in London last week, is to sit in and observe the judging of the famous 20×16 print competition. Anonymous entries for photographers all over the world enter their best images and are judged by some of the top photography judges. The scoring system is as follows, the judges start at 100 points for each print that is displayed and deduct points from the images meaning the majority score in the 70/100 area. Any print scoring 80/100 or higher is awarded a Merit as an above average image, the score go up with 85/100 being judged excellent etc,etc

The merited images are then displayed for 14,000 visitors to view in the Convention Reception Area. The judging process is held in public so photographers can watch the assessments take place; this in itself is an invaluable learning process.

I was very happy to be awarded 7 Merit awards of 80/100 or higher which is a personal record for me and one of my Wedding Avant-Garde images scored 85/100 which I was particularly pleased with, shot at a wedding at The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford where I am a recommended photographer. Even better the dress was from my wifes’ Bridal Boutique Ellie Sanderson in Oxford.

Here is my image that scored 85/100

Bride and Groom lying on the floor at an Ashmolean wedding in Oxford

The Wedding Category: includes the following sub-categories: Classical, Avant Garde, Reportage/Photojournalism – and must be taken at an actual wedding on the day the register is signed – commissioned work only. This is important as wedding photographers have to battle with tight timelines to get the images on the actual wedding day and gives a level playing field. It’s very easy to take hours to get the shots when there is no time pressure on a non-wedding day but on the day itself it is a very different story. I scored merits in all 3 wedding categories, until I get my prints back I don’t know the exact score but I have a good feeling which ones will have pushed above the 80/100.

The view more of my wedding photography work please browse the galleries on my Wedding Photography Website here


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