The Bridal Photographer at Ellie Sanderson

Last month I was asked to do a photo shoot at the Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutique in Oxford. What a shop, its newly opened and is the sister shop to Ellies now famous boutique in Beaconsfield.
It is quite simply stunning, everything a wedding dress shop should be. I know the Ellie Sanderson team moto is “classy and Fabulous ” and to be honest that is exactly what this shop is.
Ellie Stocks Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holford, Stephanie Allin, Alan Hannah and Mia Mia – quite a line up of the best designers not only in the UK but the world.

So no mean feat to capture this on film and thats exactly what I did, take a look. I had such fun with the Oxford team doing this and thanks to the wonderful guys at Fabulous Flowers who supply Ellie with the most awesome wedding flowers. 
Its not often as a wedding photographer you get asked to photograph such a stunning location with some of the most stylish wedding dresses in Oxford.
Why me I wonder, maybe its because she is my lovely wife!!


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