The NEW Bridal Photographer wedding photography website is finally live!

Thankfully the new website is finished and live! After much searching as to a good supplier and host I was recommended to Big Folio in the States who specialise in providing websites for professional photographers and most importantly they can display really large images!. This was important for me as what good is a website unless my customers can see my work. It took me a couple of weeks to get the images from some of my recent weddings optimised and in the right place and it took a bit of tweaking and a steep learning curve in Photoshop but we got there in the end and I hope you like the results. The feedback has been really positive so thank you everyone who has taken the time to visit THE BRIDAL PHOTOGRAPHER . Any website should be built and developed based of user feedback so if anyone has any comments on how it might be improved or the sort of images people want to see let me know!


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