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I’ve just finished editing the wedding of Katrina & James from The Tythe Barn in Oxfordshire and loved these two images taken a few seconds apart so much I wanted to share them with you.

The Tythe Barn has beautiful gardens and whilst the rest of the guests were finishing their wedding breakfast I wandered outside to take some shots of the venue as the sun was getting ready to set and noticed this little bridesmaid playing in the garden. Instead of confetti the couple had opted for bubbles and earlier in the day had walked out into clouds of bubble blown by their guests. This little girl was playing with the bubble and the reason I love this first image so much is the fact I pressed the shutter at EXACTLY the right point with her finger less that a centimeter away from bursting the bubble. For me this encapsulates what I do as a wedding photographer, whilst it’s all very well having people lined up for a formal shot and I’m not knocking this as a record of who was there, real wedding photography for me as a professional Oxfordshire wedding photographer  is all about capturing little moments like this that tell the story of a couples’ day.

Flowergirl playing with bubblesThe_Tythe_Barn_Wedding_Photos

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