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When I first launched my wedding photography business in late 2007 I had the idea that I would create a “brand” that was wedding photography related and NOT assigned to just using my own name, plus at the time would you believe there was (and still is) an American landscape photographer from California (a bit of an Ansel Adams protoge) called David Bostock. My grand vision at the very start was to set up a nationwide business/weddings studio providing high levels of wedding photography and service and have multiple regional photographers effectively franchising from me the brand, the vision and the standards. So after lots of thought and searching for available domain names I settled on THE BRIDAL PHOTOGRAPHER, it seemed perfect, it wasn’t associated with my name but it screamed wedding photography to everyone sort of “does what it says on the tin”.

However the minute I left my first wedding exhausted and exhilarated I realised that I could never rely on someone else to deliver to the standard I would and have the commitment to deliver week in week out come rain or shine, flu, cold etc and I could never have someone phoning me up on a Saturday morning saying “Sorry David I can’t do the wedding today I don’t feel well!”. I know I would have to be virtually dead not to shoot a wedding I am booked to shoot and my brand and feedback and testimonials are based on that ethic. So I know that I would keep my brand to me as the photographer and over the years I have developed my own signature style for weddings. Looking to see how people find me on the webs etc so many people now type in my name David Bostock so the time was right to step away from being just a  studio “brand” and use my own name to make it clearer for anyone that they were actually booking me David Bostock to photograph their wedding.

I decided to use my trademark signature in my logo as my clients get used to seeing it as it runs through everything I do……….every Queensberry album that leaves my studio is hand signed by me and all my fine art framed prints my clients order are also hand signed by me so it all sort of made sense. I’ve also had a the blue circle with my initials produced (this isn’t part of my logo) for use on Social Media channels like Facebook & Twitter etc

You might have already seen it creep onto my website and Blog I will still be using the domain www.thebridalphotographer.co.uk for the time being so I’m not saying goodbye to an old friend that has stood me very well over the years.

I hope you liker it but either way I’d love to hear your feedback so please leave me a comment!


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