We have a new addition to the family – Introducing Myla the Lilac Burmese Kitten!

On Sunday we collected our new kitten a Lilac Burmese who we have decided to call Myla. She has an impressive pedigree with her parents, grandparents and great grandparents being some sort of grand champion at the national cat shows so I hope the genes are good. She has been a complete handfull eating every plant in sight and into EVERYTHING but she is gorgeous. We are still trying to introduce her to our older cat Pants but the first sight of each other was met with much catawailing from Myla so don’t expect it to be that smooth. My daily editing schedule is being disrupted with having to play with her and her favourite little mouse toy so I get some peace in the afternoon!!. All I need her to do is to help organise my group shots, hold a reflector and make sure I have a fresh supply of memory cards and she could come and do some assisting at my weddings!!


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