Wedding of Sarah & Stephen Black at The Mill House Hotel, Kingham, Oxfordshire

After the crazy wet engagement shoot you may have read about a few months ago in my blog I returned to The Mill House Hotel in Kingham, Oxfordshire to shoot the wedding of Sarah Holliday and Stephen Black. With the weather forecast looking very suspect I was starting to think I was jinxed but the rain held off all day and the couple had a fabulous day. We had lots of fun with the guys and old University pals of Stephen who pretended to attack him with Croquet hammers and lots of general running around and fun. I had a dream the night before the wedding that when I was taking some signature shots of Sarah on the bridge over the stream she accidentally fell it and I took some great shots of her floating under the bridges with confetti drifting downstream!!. Luckily it was ONLY a dream and we had some lovely (DRY) shots of Sarah & Stephen on the bridges. The food looked amazing at the hotel has a reputation for it’s cuisine. I wish both of them them all the best for their married life together now they are back from their honeymoon up to Norway and the Ice Fjords.


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