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Silver Distinction Awarded at 2015 WPPI International Awards

I have some very exciting news to share!

I just found out at the Las Vegas Annual WPPI awards 2015 – Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Awards (the most prestigious and largest Wedding Photography competition in the world) I received a prestigious Silver Distinction for the category Wedding Photojournalism.

The WPPI has thousands of entries for the top wedding and portrait photographers in the world each year all competing for one of these coveted distinction awards. The WPPI 2015 is the premier conference and expo for Wedding and Portrait photographers and it is held at the MGM Grand Conference Center – Las Vegas, NV between February 26th- March 5th 2015

To explain the judging process, an entry that scores:

80-84 Receives a Silver” award
85-89 Receives a Silver Distinction award
90-95 Receives a “Gold” award
100 Receives a “Gold Distinction” award
96-99 Receives a “Platinum” award

For the category Wedding Photojournalism for the many, many entries there were 47 Silver awards, 17 Silver Distictions and just 3 Gold awards so you can see just how high the standard is. To to say I am chuffed is a total understatement in my very first year of entering the awards to be one of JUST 17 SILVER DISTINCTIONS awarded worldwide for Wedding photojournalism.

Without the trust and freedom and confidence from my clients to photograph their weddings and the split second moments, such of these, that unfold in front of my lens, this wouldn’t be possible so I would like to thank you all.

For true inspiration check out the images that got the highest awards  and see my winning images number 12 of the 67 here http://www.wppiawards.com/gallery/2015z/?0.3848467073403299#80andabove.Wedding_Photojournalism.1

wppi awards Image of a boy peeping out of a church pew that got a silver distinction award at 2015 WPPI

Image of a boy peeping out of a church pew that got a silver distinction award at 2015 WPPI in the category Wedding Photojournalism

I would recommend entering WPPI awards at WPPI Online to all professional wedding photographers and I am definitely planning to travel out to Vegas for next years Conference!

To view all the Silver and above images in all the 2015 wedding categories click here:

Wedding Photojournalism

Bride & Groom Alone: Wedding Day

Wedding Couple Together: Wedding day

Bridal Party Family and Friends

Wedding Details

To view more of my AWARD WINNING wedding images click here


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