New Genuine Wooden USB drives and matching Boxes are here.

Providing my customers with a beautifully presented USB of their precious Digital Files has always been something I have taken pride in doing in my Wedding, Portrait and Boudoir businesses. After many hours of editing and post production making my clients’ images look at their absolute finest supplying the USB in a beautiful crafted box is then absolute least they deserve. What is of primary importance to me however is a USB that will perform time and time again in PC’s, Laptops, Macbooks etc and keep the images safe and uncorrupted.

Earlier this year i was approached by a company specialising in Genuine Wooden USB drives that could be beautifully customised and branded and made out of beautiful natural woods such as Walnut, Pine, Bamboo etc

The woods they use are all the actual materials i.e. the pine is actual pine wood, the walnut is actual walnut, and same with the bamboo and the quality is lovely, the boxes and very smooth to the touch and ever so tactile. As far as the customisation goes, they utilise screen printing whenever possible (including on the drives and boxes) as they feel it offers a crisper and more rich result as opposed to the industry standard digital printing. This is something I would definitely agree with and I was really impressed with the quality of these Genuine Wooden USB drives when they arrived and they have been really well received by my customers.

It’s the first time in 13 years I’ve used genuine Wooden USB drives and boxes but so far definitely so good and with 8GB USB drives as standard that’s perfect for me for the final presentation of a whole weddings’ print ready jpegs or the final edited images from one of our boudoir or portrait sessions.

The wooden packaging options in matching genuine wood types solidify and give a consistency to my David Bostock Photography branding and have already left a lasting impression on the clients that have received them this year.

You can find out more about the drives via these two links & for any readers or other photographers looking at renewing their USB drives.


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