So, the day finally came and your Wedding Day was everything you ever expected and more. The best day of your life so far for sure with so many memories captured for all to see for futures generations to come.

You have probably paid your photographer a considerable sum to take the photos that tell the story and create imagery that stands out from the crowd. Fast forward 20 years on. Your children come to you and ask: “Mum, Dad, what was your wedding day like?” and you instantly wish you had something you could get out to sit down and show them on the sofa together, something they can touch and feel that doesn’t rely on electricity, batteries or Wi-Fi.

Memories are precious and a collection of printed images is something that, in time, goes up rather than down in value for you. This is the reason I don’t just give you a USB of digital files on its own but also produce a beautifully bespoke designed wedding album full of your favourite images.

There is something very special about holding your memories in your hand, taking you back to that special day, reminding you of those little moments that you had forgotten, so many happy faces and fond memories. An experience that should be enjoyed and shared, not forgotten in a drawer, or left on a memory stick for you to stumble on by accident.

My album supplier is the famous Queensberry Albums of New Zealand. They are the world’s highest quality manufacturer and the undisputed “Rolls Royce” of flush-mount and modern matted wedding albums, designed to outlast the people that own them!

To ruthlessly plagiarise the Patek Phillipe slogan ‘You never actually own a Queensberry wedding album you merely look after if for the next generation’ this is as true in wedding albums and printed images as it is in watches.

Watch the video clip below to see why I use these beautiful albums from Queensberry of New Zealand.


I suppose broadly modern wedding albums fall into 2 main categories. They are either albums where the images are printed directly onto the page itself often known as “coffee table books” or “flush-mount albums” or the type where actual photographic prints are set into apertures with bevel cut mounts (matts) on the page known as “matted albums”.




should be beautifully presented

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