36 Award Winning Wedding Photography Images

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”  said the famous landscape photographer Ansel Adams.

A roll of 35mm film contains 36 images and so this selection of 36 of my award winning wedding photography images photographed between 2008 and 2015  that have all won National or International Awards represent what would be my ‘perfect’ single roll of film.

I set up my professional wedding photography business in 2008 and have now, at the point of compiling this in September 2015, photographed over 300 weddings as the professional principal photographer. Competitions continue to push me creatively and motivate me to be constantly committed to my craft in weddings. Sitting in on the judging when I can, heart in my mouth as my image is placed on the easel under the exacting lighting conditions in front of a judging panel made up of some of the very top photographers in the world. It’s a bit of an adrenaline rush I admit but the feedback (both positive and negative) from respected photographers and judges is totally priceless. It’s also wonderful to be recognized by your peers for your achievements as well as a fun, challenging and exciting way to share my work.

Looking back over the first eight years of my business and taking a moment to reflect on some of the images I have created prompted me to put this portfolio together and working with undoubtedly the finest wedding album company in the world Queensberry of New Zealand is helping me to realise my objective in terms of a professionally bound portfolio containing the stories behind these images. Of course there are lots of my absolute favourite images (for many personal reasons) that are not featured here as they would never have made the cut in these demanding competitions. That doesn’t make them any less important and indeed to the brides and the grooms at whose weddings they were captured many of the images, particularly those capturing family members no longer with us, are priceless.

A still photograph is a moment in time captured; indeed the total actual ‘shutter-time’ that it took to capture all the 35 images you see here was less than a second.

Please enjoy, make sure you click the HD option and share this if you like it!



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