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Award Winning Wedding Photographer


I have been a full-time professional wedding photographer since 2008 and this is now my 13th year in business. During that time I’ve been lucky enough to have won a few awards for my work. In fact I counted them up the other day and it’s now over 100 awards would you believe!

SWPP Wedding Photographer Image of the year for 2019


The image above of the bride in the window has just been awarded Silver/Runner-up in the SWPP Wedding Photographer Image of the year for 2019 and beat many 1000’s of entries from photographers across the world Internationally so am particularly chuffed with that. However 2019 was a particularly great year for awards and it made me think that apart from a few Instagram posts i hadn’t actually shared them as a collective.

This gave me an excuse to restart my Blog which has been like the proverbial ‘Mother Hubbards’ Cupboard’  in terms of its quietness. In fact I have shamelessly not had the time to post even a single one of the 32 amazing weddings I photographed in Oxford, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and of course London in 2019.

This is something I am really hoping to put right in 2020 as there some totally amazing weddings from some of the best venues around. I find entering photography competitions keeps me sharp and focussed, sure it can be a little nerve-racking to put your work out there against some of the best wedding photographers in the world but I’ve learnt so much over the years from the critique. It’s not all about winning (although that’s obviously nice!) it’s about getting feedback from people I respect and getting  better and better at what I choose to make a living from.

So entering competitions for me:

  • Gives me direction
  • Pushes me out of my comfort zone
  • Focuses my mind on being perfect
  • Is a great way to gain exposure for my wedding photography
  • I see other people’s entries and I get inspired
  • Doing well validates me and gives me a benchmark for my work
  • I gain feedback from some of the most respected photographers in the world and means I can improve.


The Guild of Photographers

As a start I am totally honoured to have very recently been awarded the coveted ‘WEDDING IMAGE OF THE YEAR’ for 2019 by The Guild Of Photographers with this black & white image above of the little girl wandering off in Dorchester cathedral. With over 13,500 image entries this is an award I am particularly proud of. 


I thought to get the ball rolling with this post that I would post up a few of the images that were selected by the various judges to be worth of an award in 2019. Some of these images won several awards but so as not to include a mass of logos I’ve kept the accreditation to a single logo/award. The associations were WPPI, Master Photographers Association and Guild of Photographers

The importance of Family Portrait Photography


Just before I end this post, a bit of a sneaky peak of something I am starting to offer to my clients in my new studio in the leafy Northampton village of Kings Sutton. Family portraits are another important memory capture and this image of the granddad and his 3 grandchilren has just won Gold in the Master Photographer Association Family Portraits monthly competition. I was speechless to be awarded this above some truely amazing portrait photographers I hope you like the ‘blue steel’ expressions!

What an amazing memory each of these 3 grandchildren have to take with them through their lives as very sadly their grandfather passed away very shortly after this image was captured…..a memory captured in one hundredth of a second in camera that will be with them forever.

Get in Touch

I’d love to hear from you if you are getting married in 2020 or 2021 and are looking for an Award Winning wedding photographer to capture your special day. Just get in touch for an informal chat and we can go from there.



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