bride and groom at a Stoke Park Club Wedding

Stoke Park Club Wedding Photographer | Claire & Jonny

A Stoke Park Club wedding is always an event I look forward to and the beautiful wedding of a truly lovely couple Claire & Jonny was no exception. Even though it was only 30th March so strictly still Spring the couple enjoyed a day where the weather, despite the forecasts held off and we were able to head down to the brides on our Stoke Park Club golf buggies for some lovely couple shots with the famous white gleaming  grand manor house. The couple chose to get married in the ballroom at Stoke Park Club which is a really beautiful layout and I love the image of Jonny biting his lip as Claire is about to walk down the aisle. Now I have been photographing weddings at Stoke Park Club for many years and am honoured to be one of the Stoke Park Club recommended photographers but something happened at this wedding that has never happened before at a wedding (at least to my knowledge). As we came back on our golf buggies from doing the couple shots of Claire & Jonny in the grounds it was obvious that something SIGNIFICANT had happened whilst we were away. The guests were very animated and laughing and eventually we found out what had happened. Stoke Park Club has a very beautiful and impressive fountain outside the dining area called the Fountain Room (funny that!) and one of the female guests had been walking backwards taking photos when she ran out of the gravel path and completely dunked herself in the fountain which is actually deeper than it looks. We returned to find a completely drenched, but in good spirits considering, guest being taken off by her good friends for a warm shower, hair-wash and a new outfit and hat ready from the speeches (and she did make it back!). She honestly took it so well considering she wasn’t just a bit wet but totally drenched!! The rest of the wedding went off without incident and the fabulous Stoke Park team made sure everything went smoothly and so I captured the first dance and headed for home chuckling to myself that I would have a story to tell my wife and the other couples I would be photographing at Stoke Park Club this year. If you like these images and the others from Stoke Park Club weddings on my blog and are considering getting married at Stoke Park Club then I’d love to hear from you for a chat about photography. You can contact me by clicking HERE

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  1. Andrew Mellor

    Stunning images from a special wedding at a beautiful venue. Really great photos.


    • David Bostock

      Thanks so much for your comments Andrew


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