Stoke Park Club Wedding Testimonial

Just before Xmas I shot a lovely winter wedding at Stoke Park Club in Bucks where I am a recommended photographer. On so many levels it was a technical challenge photographically speaking and I had to use equipment that I wouldn’t normally use to ensure the results were perfect for the couple. Having photographed over 300 weddings over the past 7 years I have been a full-time professional wedding photographer none of it was something I hadn’t done before but as we headed down to the bridge over the lake in our golf buggies after we got back from the church ceremony the light was fading so fast I needed to use off camera flashes triggered by pocket-wizard FM transmitters and then use very high ISO’s, which luckily on my Canon 5D mk3 professional cameras and fast lenses is not a problem. My biggest challenge was the group shot below in a very dimly lit room. It took a total of 5 separate Canon flash-guns on lighting stands positioned around the room and bouncing off mirrors to give the even well-lit shot below. Every face is clear and it is a lovely record of the 150 people attending the wedding but I literally had 5 minutes to create this shot from beginning to end as the guests were due to go straight in for dinner…………pressure central!! I did stop to think after the wedding what the pictures from the day had turned out like if the couple had asked a friend or hired a less experienced photographer to photograph it. I honestly don’t think they would have been able to get the sort of images I was able to as they simply wouldn’t have had the range of lighting or high-end professional cameras as I have, certainly when I was just starting out in weddings I would have been terrified at having to overcome the technical difficulties of such a low light winter wedding.

Just this morning I received this incredible testimonial from the couple Allan and Alice for my service at their Stoke Park Club Wedding which makes everything I do worthwhile……..

Rating: 5 stars
Heading: Outstanding, creative, professional photographer
“David really impressed us from the first moment we met him. I’m sure like many people, we aren’t used to posing for professional photos, so we were a little apprehensive about the process and felt it might feel a bit embarrassing. It didn’t. David prepares extensively, has numerous options and backup plans, communicates exactly what he’s after and most of all makes the process genuinely fun. Couple this with an exceptional technical ability with the camera and you have all the constituent parts for stunning photo’s that capture the environment and joy of the day. Indeed, to focus on one moment that really stood out for us: David captured all 120 guests in one group shot indoors. Light came from 2 chandeliers and a fire, so hardly ideal! Yet… the image is stunning. Pin sharp, beautifully composed and really captures the mood of the day. Behind this though, is the little things that make David stand out. David didn’t ‘manage’ or ‘instruct’ our guests. He was incredibly jovial and created a sense of occasion around the image, where everybody wanted to help and get it perfect. Also he didn’t take some images, realise the lighting was off and fix in post production. He had prepared for this shot and had 5 flashes organised around the room to add light and highlight the photo in all the right places. Of all the photographers we met, David was by some margin the most talented and professional. David seemed as excited about the wedding as we were and this really came through on the day. We simply can’t recommend him enough… ”



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