Wedding of Jess & Rich, Monkey Island Hotel, Bray, Berkshire

I have been very remiss in keeping my blog up to date over the past few weeks so sorry!!, this is largely as I have been flat out either shooting weddings on editing weddings during April but I couldn’t wait to post some images up from this wedding I shot on 4th April on the infamous Monkey Island in the middle of the Thames. Now the last time I was at Monkey Island was years ago when I was working in Advertising in the late 90’s and we had an off-site conference which involved far too much to drink after the days work (dangerous on an island in the Thames surrounded by fast flowing river!) and I seem to remember something about someone taking extreme action to silence the peacocks who were keeping us awake, something about a tree almost being set on fire?? (obviously nothing to do with me!) so it was nice to be back there in more professional circumstances.
I knew the wedding of Jess & Rich who would be a fun event and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. They had hired a 1950’s bus (in fact the wedding was a 50’s theme and the bridesmaids dresses were amazing) to take their guests from the church to Monkey Island which looked amazing and the weather was blisteringly hot. Monkey Island itself was ablaze with yellow daffodils and as shooting into the sun was needed all day , it gave them a lovely back-lit quality. Everyone was in such a great mood all day and the river room at Monkey Island was resplendent in simple whites with green and cream flowers and looked amazing with the river flowing past both sides. The story of how they met is amazing, Rich was on police duty pursuing a suspect who has stabbed himself and jumped in the canal and Rich and his partner had to jump in after him (as you do!) and ended up having to go to hospital to be checked and injected against all the horrible diseases you can catch from dirty British canals and ended up in plain clothes at the hospital after his uniform was soaked through, Jess just happened to be there for some other reason on duty in her police uniform and their eyes met across a crowded hospital waiting room, it was love at first sight (or the story goes something like that anyway!). Jess & Rich were a breeze to photograph (as they were on their pre-wedding shoot down in Henley by the river where Rich had first popped the question), the camera loved them both and we got some rich saturated colour shots of them both in the gardens and on the bridge over from the mainland in the sunshine. I think one of my favourites of the day is the where Jess bent backwards looking back at the camera, I thought it lent itself to a blue tone to accentuate her eyes and I think it works really well like this (could be shot in the 50’s). I believe their wedding is one being featured in the coming issues of Your Berks & Bucks wedding where one lucky couple gets voted Wedding of the Year so check it out if you get the magazine and give them your vote!
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